Announcement from Sifu Tony Massengill

I have recently  Resigned from the Samuel Kwok Martial Arts Association, and have left
the Samuel Kwok Family.

This decision was made due to a situation which occurred concerning one of Samuel
Kwok's European Instructors Andy Hunt, who created a major riff in my relationship with
my former Sifu. There were public accusations made by Mr. Hunt that caused me to have
to defend myself in a way which brought what has become known as the "Book Issue"
between myself and Samuel Kwok into the public eye.

The Issue concerning the "Mastering Wing Chun" and "Keys to Wing Chun" books was a
private issue between myself and Samuel Kwok, which we had addressed and put
behind us, until Mr. Hunt made false accusations that I had 'Taken Credit" for Samuel
Kwok's work, and that I had somehow cheated Samuel Kwok out of money for the
"Mastering Wing Chun" book.

It is unfortunate that Andy Hunt made it necessary to bring to the public a subject that
had been a settled issue between myself and Samuel Kwok, but with the false
accusations brought forth by this individual, and Kwok's refusal to intervene, I was
forced to reveal to the public the truth behind Kwok's plagiarism of my work.

It is my hope to put this issue and the Controversy associated with it behind us now and
move forward with our lives. I intend this to be MY FINAL WORD on this subject.

However there are still several unresolved issues between myself and my former Sifu,
Samuel Kwok that need to be clarified.

Master Kwok recently posted a
"New" statement which REVERSES his original statement
which said that My Master Level Certification was
Given to me as a "Thank You" inferring
that I had not earned it.
He had apparently forgotten that my certification was issued two
full years before the event he was claiming to "Thank Me" for.
  I am thankful that he has
seen fit to clarify the fact that I
did actually EARN my certification.

His statement also says "We are sorry that his departure has created such a negative
situation and wish him all the best in his future endeavours. It is the goal of the Samuel
Kwok Wing Chun Association to promote and pass on Ip Man Wing Chun and work
peacefully with all."  which leaves the impression that
me leaving was what CREATED the
negative situation.
When in truth, it was the ACTIONS of Kwok's Disciple, Andy Hunt, and
INACTION of Kwok, who showed no leadership, that caused this Negative situation!
(Interesting Note: Mr Hunt has since been kicked out of Kwok's association)

This whole issue began with me attempting to PROTECT KWOK'S REPUTATION!
Please see the screen shots below!

During this time I wrote the following post to Flo Hunt, One of Kwok's instructors about
her participation in the forum I was warning Kwok about! Again.... Trying to protect my
Sifu's reputation! This was the One and ONLY post I wrote to Mrs. Hunt!

After this, I began receiving Threatening messages from Flo Hunt's husband, Andy! The
messages were vile, profanity laced messages threatening to spread false and malicious
statements on the Internet, attacking my professional career in Public Safety and making
statements that I had "Taken Credit for Kwok's Work, and Cheated Kwok out of money!

Because these threats were being issued by a man 2000 miles away who was an
instructor and FELLOW DISCIPLE of Samuel Kwok, I asked Samuel Kwok to intervene
and help me in keeping this guy from attacking my reputation in public!
Samuel Kwok not
only did not intervene, he escalated the issue by siding with Andy Hunt and claiming that
my post to Flo Hunt was an "Unacceptable Attack on another member of our
Totally ignoring the threats and vile name calling of me by Andy Hunt!

As everyone can see, it was Andy Hunts actions and Samuel Kwok's inaction that caused
this situation. I begged Kwok to take action so I would not have to reveal the Book Issue
to the public!

In closing........

I would like to say that at times, through the hurt and anger I experienced in dealing with
this situation, some of my actions were both unprofessional and worse, unchristian. I
carried my actions beyond defending myself against the false accusations and in some
cases went on the counter-offensive.......I am after all a Wing Chun Man... I have dealt with
these things personally between myself and my only true Master, Jesus Christ, and wish
to take this opportunity to apologize to my friends and students who have every right to
expect better of me!

I remain appreciative for the Knowledge Samuel Kwok shared over the many years. He is
a very Skillful Kung Fu man, I wish him and his association continued success!

On my part, I will move forward with the E
fficient Warrior Wing Chun Association - and
continue to teach the IP MAN FAMILY system, as it has passed in the

Along with what is gained through continuous research into
the various branches of Wing Chun.

Tony Massengill
Note in these two
messages I was
attempting to protect
my Sifu, and keep our
association out of
negative politics!
You can see
here I am clearly
Begging Kwok
to not let this go
to the point
where I have to
reveal the facts
about him
stealing my
writing for "His"
new book!
Note that the
statement about
my departure
causing the
Negative situation
was just removed,
but Kwok's
statements have
changed so
I have no
confidence that it
won't change

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